Tuesday, September 10, 2013

iPhone 5S Launched - Apple officially unveils the iPhone 5S - Read Complete Detail

iPhone 5S Specifications/Specs and Features

Just as expected, the iPhone 5S looks the same on the outside, has a number of changes on the inside where pretty much all the work has gone.

iPhone 5S Features, iPhone 5S Specs, iPhone 5S Price
iPhone 5S

iPhone 5S - The A7 chipset

The iPhone 5S makes use of a radically re-engineered new chip set, called A7.

Based on 64-bit architecture for the first time, the new iPhone 5S is said to be up to 56 times faster than the original iPhone. iOS 7 is now a 64-bit OS, but it's backward compatible with all the currently available 32-bit apps.

The A7 also supports OpenGL ES 3.0, which opens the door to even higher-quality graphics, allowing for real-time computation of effects such as depth of field, blur, full screen vignettes and lens flares.

The processor is accompanied by the M7, a motion co-processor, which measures motion data continuously from the accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass, enabling a new generation of sports apps.

iPhone 5S Chipset
iPhone 5S Chipset

iPhone 5S 8MP camera

The new camera has a wider f/2.2 aperture (as opposed to f/2.4) and a larger image sensor. There is also a new double LED flash on the iPhone 5S, which Apple has dubbed True Tone, called this way because it allows to achieve more accurate colors tone.

The camera also comes with new image stabilization, albeit digital one.

The camera will also captures 720p videos at 120fps, allowing it to create slow-mo videos.

iPhone 5S 8 MP Camera
iPhone 5S Camera 8 Mega Pixcels

iPhone 5S Touch ID

As rumors suggested, the new iPhone 5S will indeed sport a touch sensor embedded into the Home button. It's a security feature and it's called Touch ID.

A metallic ring around the sensor detects a present of a finger even without pressing anything.

iPhone 5S Miscellaneous Features 

The iPhone 5S will offer 10 hours of 3G talk time, up to 250h of standby, up to 40h of music playback.
The new iPhone 5S will be available in black, golden and grey colours. As expected the iPhone 5S will be priced just as the iPhone 5. To be continued...