Thursday, January 24, 2013

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Expertise

The field of Inbound Marketing also known as Search Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing has become complex as compared to previous years. Google and other search engines are trying hard to offer value added services to users, and for achieving this, the algorithms are updated on regular basis. Many of the search engine optimization techniques are obsolete now. Manipulative link building practices are severly penalized by the search giant 'Google'. SEO Expert can optimize any kind of website such as Automotive Website, Online Fashion Magazine, Blog, E-Commerce Website etc.

Finding a professional expert of Search Engine optimization is itself a challenging task, as there are thousands of so called SEO experts who claim to get you no.1 rankings by manipulative linking techniques such as link  wheels, links from link farms, gateway pages, and other Black Hat tricks etc. which are all highly unliked & penalized by the leading Search Engines.

Search Engine Optimization Expert
Search Engine Optimization - SEO Expert

A successful Search Engine performance requires, a long term Search Marketing strategy that should be backed by Marketing Strategy and the Business Strategy. The websites should be accessible to crawlers as well as value adding to the users. For this there are some best practices and guidelines provided by Search Engines to perform better in SERP with an aim of providing useful information, services and solutions to the end users. Please keep in mind that the Organic Search is different from Paid Search i.e. SEM/PPC which is paid advertising on Search Engines.

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Development

The process of Search Engine Optimization can be divided into following steps:

Keyword Research

Selection of appropriate keywords and phrases is the most important step towards a successful search engine performance. Research for the most relevant keywords of your industry to add value for users.

Exclusive (Original) Content

Original content is something exclusively written with original images taken for explanation. The other media; Video, Infographics, Graphs, and Charts should support the words to present a useful piece of information on a particular subject for users.

Optimized Blog

The blog is a source of updates, news and announcements for any website. This serves as a platform of fresh content for users. The blog posts can be helpful in guiding users about specific pages on a website.

On Page Optimization

There are some best practices for On page optimization such as Title, meta description, Heading tags, Placement of keywords in URL, Image Alt attribute, important keywords with <strong> tag, interlinking to relevant topics etc.

Off Page Optimization

Off page optimization means outreach to other relevant websites for a relationship, Social Media marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and many others. Inclusion of your website in credible listings, yellow pages, classifieds etc. Guest blogging is a good practice getting popular for Off page optimization of websites.

Vertical Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Vertical optimization includes image optimization (image name, image alt, image title, caption, size etc.), videos optimization (Youtube, Vimeo etc.), and local optimization on Google places, local Yahoo, Bing places etc.

Technical Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Tehcnical SEO includes tasks like removing duplications, robots.txt, .htaccess for guiding crawlers about indexing and following of links, sitemap.xml, authorship tags, 301 redirects, 404/410 redirects,, website migrations, AJAX SEO, Conversion Rate Optimization and Google webmaster issues.

Now these SEO tasks get advanced and complex as the size of websites increase. An ecommerce site can be complex to optimize for its products and advanced at technical end. 

Other important tasks that are responsibility of a professional SEO Expert include:
  • Tracking, Measuring and Reporting on SEO
  • SEO Expert should be Analytics Expert too
  • SEO Expert should know QA for testing SEO enhancements
  • SEO Expert should be expert in Internet Research methods, search operators and Website KPI reporting
  • SEO Expert should be up to date about keyword trends, algorithm updates, and ranking factors
  • Knowledge of Marketing, Demographics, Marketing Mangement, Product Management, Brand Management empowers every SEO Expert
  • SEO Expert should be expert of HTML, CSS and have know-how of Web Designing
Moreover SEO Experts should have business skills such as Presentation, Business Development, Microsoft Excel etc.

If your SEO Expert has these capabilities, then you are on the right track. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Certificate of Graphics & Web Designing from EVS

My certificate of Graphics & Web Designing course from EVS. Website design plays an important role in SEO.

Web Design & SEO

Saturday, January 12, 2013

SEO Checklist for 2013 - 20 Practical Search Engine Optimization Tips

There were major shifts in Search Marketing industry in 2012.

SEO Check List 2013

Author-rank is something that was taken as a step for wiping out the spammers and bring in original content from the known authors. So, don't get yourself killed by low quality link building and shallow content tricks for ranking higher in SERPs. Hire a SEO Specialist who can perform following checklist of 20 best SEO things to do 2013 for your website:

  1. Keep variety in anchor text links
  2. Diversify your risks by variety of links
  3. Go beyond Google, Bing and Yahoo! Capture variety of traffic sources, Google+, Pinterest, Facebook, Storify, Twitter and more
  4. Apply Authorship markup to your website
  5. Create your Blogger account and start posting original content
  6. Design creative info graphics for your business
  7. Apply Marketing Principles for 2013 SEO
  8. Bring variety in your opinion
  9. Start PPC campaign for tough keywords to wish Happy New Year 2013 to Google!
  10. Expect more updates in search algorithms
  11. Strengthen your business with Mobile! make mobile friendly website
  12. Conduct keyword research and list down potential keywords for 2013 based on trends!
  13. Think like an enterprise, think of Online Brand, provide unique content that is link worthy for users
  14. Create interesting posts to get viral on Social platforms
  15. Structure your activity, integrate your social media, make link earning strategy
  16. Make an account on Yelp
  17. Make an account on Pinterest
  18. Start Google+ page and community
  19. Go local (Google Places), local schema, geotag, and enable Facebook open graph
  20. Don't scrap others data! Don't copy paste content, Be yourself, do original!