Sunday, February 24, 2013

Google Should Update its Search Algorithm Annually

Hi my dear Search Marketing friends, in this post I've nothing to say, but have to request Google to stop rolling out Panda and Penguine search algorithm updates whenever they feel like, and I need you to raise voice with me if you also feel it irritating to see breaking news every week. We all know that Google is trying hard to present quality sites to the users. We (Search Marketing Professionals) are also working hard, day and night to optimize our websites, with quality content and trustworthy authorship. We just want to request you +matt  to keep it a little organized. You can decide on rolling out Search algorithm updates in December every year, or may be in January of each year. This will help us in defining a better online strategy to execute. If not on annual basis, then please don't do sudden changes and kindly give us a time period of at least 6 months between each algorithm update.

google search algorithms, panda, penguine
There should be algorithm change spike only once every year, so that we can follow the guidelines and contribute with valuable information and solutions. I hope, you (Google) will not mind, if we together bring quality content for the users. +MattCutts

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